Cancer is difficult

Feeling Beautiful helps transform the experience by meeting vital and practical non-medical self-image needs of cancer patients.

Feeling Beautiful

Vital and practical human needs of cancer patients

Cancer is difficult. Feeling Beautiful helps transform the experience by meeting vital and practical non-medical self-image needs of cancer patients.


Cancer and its treatments typically cause a variety of appearance-related issues. Loss of hair and dry, brittle skin are the most common. But patients may also have to deal with surgical scars, changes in skin color and texture, and more. These changes can be demoralizing and result in a lack of self-confidence at the very time patients need more.


Feeling Beautiful complements conventional cancer treatments by teaching hair care and beauty techniques to patients. Through live virtual “Days of Beauty,” hair and make-up lessons help patients look better and feel better. In addition, through accessing a helpful library of Feeling Beautiful video tutorials, patients can help themselves look and feel better any time, any day.

More than hair and make-up, Feeling Beautiful helps empower patients to renew their own sense of hope and confidence and come to experience a more powerful self- image. 

Start here by exploring all the ways you can feel better by looking better.


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Toni Messina

Toni Messina, 45, proud mother of two teenage daughters, is a nationally-recognized makeup artist. In 2001, she worked directly with celebrity artist Laura Mercier as part of her National team, traveling extensively representing the brand. Toni’s resume includes dozens of A-list celebrities, print features, editorials, and fashion shows. Nothing was more rewarding to Toni than teaching a client undergoing chemotherapy how to re-create her eyebrows. She next offered free makeup lessons to anyone going through cancer treatments. And today, Toni’s passion is helping women take back their beauty from cancer. She adds, “There’s nothing more special than a fighter looking in the mirror and saying, ‘I feel like myself again, I feel beautiful.’” Toni makes her home in the NY/NJ area

Roxanne Corba-Gattuso

angelic care couture wigs was established by Roxanne Corba -Gattuso on February 22, 1999 on the anniversary of her father’s liver transplant.

Roxanne learned valuable life lessons through her Father’s illness which is why she decided to reach out and help others. Witnessing the negative effects – at a time when you are not feeling your best can be crippling to so many. Dealing with an illness while But it also is a vital component and as important as treatment is when you are not feeling well, no matter what the circumstance.

Roxanne offers over 30 years of experience as a Master Hair Replacement Designer | Stylist | Hair Loss Specialist. Roxanne is known to go far and above the scope of this specialized business for her guests by not offering compassion but the very much creative expertise that her clients desire and need at such a difficult time. Guests are not just customers they strive to make them feel more like family from the minute they walk in the door.

Belinda Moss

It’s not just hype. Her list of credits is a “who’s who” of people who appear in front of cameras and audiences. Belinda is equally at home with A –list celebrities and amateurs whether they have talent or not, with musical superstars and management types. Her ability to put anyone at ease while making them look their best is the key. Her energy and positive attitude is infectious, which leads to better performances once they leave her chair.

In her spare time, Belinda lends her expertise to, an organization that teaches Nicaraguan girls the art of Makeup and Hair, a marketable skill that can help them avoid a life of prostitution and poverty.

If you absolutely, positively have to look your best, there’s just one person to call: Belinda Moss. Belinda Moss is based in the NYC metropolitan area as well as Nashville, TN and Tampa, FL.

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