Jennifer Morton – Breast Cancer

I’m 31 years old now. I was diagnosed with stage one breast cancer on April 9th, 2020 just less then 3 weeks after my 30th birthday. It’s been a rollercoaster ever since. I had to do chemo a little over a month after on May 27th because when I was diagnosed COVID had picked up and my surgery would have taken longer then the allowed time. I went through 12 rounds, gained weight and lost all of my hair and it finally ended on October 27th. Chemo worked and my tumor dropped from a 3 cm to a 1 cm. December 11th 2020 was my surgery, I had a double mastectomy. It was so crazy to think that at 30 years old I lost both of my breasts to a crazy disease there was no control over. Within a couple weeks later I was working with my plastic surgeon to fill up my expanders. I was almost to my goal when my skin on the right side started to thin out to the point you could see the expander, within less then a week I was in surgery again to remove it. Three weeks later my doctor wanted to try again and went to the hospital for another surgery to put it back in. For months I was fine until a check up showed that I had an infection in the right side, I immediately went home, packed a bag and went to the hospital, I stayed four days with daily rounds of antibiotics. I was sent home with oral medicine after but even 2 weeks later it still looked infected and my skin was thinning out again, I felt like I couldn’t catch a break. I went in for a yet another surgery l, my 4th, to get the expander out once again. My doctor and I agreed we weren’t going to put another one back in, it was giving me more problems then solutions. I feel like since my right side was my cancer side it just rejected a foreign object. Our next goal is to get my hopefully finally surgery done. I told my doctor I wanted to enjoy my summer with my children and family and after that we can go from there. I’m set to have a diep flap done within fingers crossed that it is a fast and smooth surgery. While I wait I spend more time with family grateful I even made it as far as I have with how many set backs I was given. I work part time for what I can while I can since this surgery I will be out for another 6 weeks.

Toni Messina was my blessing in disguise, she offered Feeling Beautiful services that gave me a makeover and showed me some tips on how to do my makeup, I was so self conscious after loosing all of my hair, she will never know how much it meant to me. Ever since then she has checked up on me and my journey and has never let me forget she is thinking of me through it all. Her services are absolutely amazing.